Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cell Update *09!

Top Row from left to right: Isaac Ng, David, Jack, Emmanuel, Me
Bottom Row from left to right: Jeniver, Jessica, Jasmine, Sarah Jane, Sandra
Missing: Dionne, Terrence, Arsh, Shamin, Geraldine, Gloryn

Hey All! Yea This blog has been pretty lack of post hehe... From Malaysia's part, I have been really busy with college work, work with clientele and also maintenance of my new blog address (click here). Been busy having a journalist like blog more than just about my life.

The picture above is the most current picture of our Cell! As you can see... we are no longer in Campus Town because the place has been rented out to an outside organization. Sad. But well.. no students from Utar or other close by uni uses the facilities available from CampusTown.

For cell, we have an average of 8-10 of attendence weekly out of a total and maximum potential of 16 cell members!

How's everyone on the international side? Would like to know how's everyone :D

Btw.. am in a lecture.. get back to you guys soon!

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