Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cell Update *09!

Top Row from left to right: Isaac Ng, David, Jack, Emmanuel, Me
Bottom Row from left to right: Jeniver, Jessica, Jasmine, Sarah Jane, Sandra
Missing: Dionne, Terrence, Arsh, Shamin, Geraldine, Gloryn

Hey All! Yea This blog has been pretty lack of post hehe... From Malaysia's part, I have been really busy with college work, work with clientele and also maintenance of my new blog address (click here). Been busy having a journalist like blog more than just about my life.

The picture above is the most current picture of our Cell! As you can see... we are no longer in Campus Town because the place has been rented out to an outside organization. Sad. But well.. no students from Utar or other close by uni uses the facilities available from CampusTown.

For cell, we have an average of 8-10 of attendence weekly out of a total and maximum potential of 16 cell members!

How's everyone on the international side? Would like to know how's everyone :D

Btw.. am in a lecture.. get back to you guys soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hurrlloo all of you!

How are all of you? How's cell? How was the fasting? anything new occurred during the fasting? =p

many people here are fasting too...although more for cultural reasons than anything else..the season of lent they say..some are giving up booze (highly respectable considering how much they drink here), others are giving up sweets, chocolates and biscuits (which is quite hard too, considering that they're all very nice to go with cups and cups of tea)....interestingly, a lot of them wouldn't profess to be christians at all! =)

so yeah! come on...let's get this blog up and running again.... =)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on the CampusTown Cell!

Gosh! It's been ages since I last wrote something here! It's been a roller coaster year coming to an end! Life has it's ups and downs for me and for the Campus Town Cell but we prayed together and trusted God that when we walk through fire he will be there with us.

Campus Town has it's visitors and cell members come and go. Currently we stand 10 people strong in cell!

Arsh (pronounce as "Ash")
Dionne (ACL)
Emmanuel (ACL)
Daniel (CL)

Arsh and Shamin are new members in our cell and joined us for 2 weeks so far and they are enjoying it!

Arsh is from Utar College her hometowns in Pahang and is a Christian, and Shamin is a new Christian since 2 weeks ago and she is from Ipoh and studying at Nirwana International College and they are born in 1990! Finally I'm not the youngest anymore! Hehe.. Not like it was a bad thing to be the youngest hehe..

I just want to ask for your prayers for Kerry and Joycelyn, as Kerry was from our cell and church, but he moved to another church which is located around GTPJ, not exactly sure whats the name but its short for Hope church. Apparently according to a fellow leader, their practices are questionable and also seems "cult-ish", as in they do sort of believe just like Jehova's Witnesses that you have to do good works in order to get to heaven. Joycelyn is Kerry's friend, and Kerry introduced Joycelyn to our church. She was quite affected by what I said about Kerry moving to another church and has moved to Sue Ling's cell, as I'm sure that it is quite hard to deal with a situation where someone who influenced you to attend church has back sliden .

I pray for Kerry that God will open his eyes and for Joycelyn to be comforted by God.

As for myself, I have been much better since the 2nd sememster started at my college. I can handle real clients now much better than before and learnt so so much of how time management is all so important to get organized in life without blowing up!

My family is doing fine, my brother is in his first sem in A-Levels at Sunway College and he is actively involved in the Sunway College Student Council and the A Levels Student council. He has been soo soo busy since then and has regreted saying that college life is fun hehe... My dad is doing ok at work, same old same old,but since we are at a bad time of the economy I pray that retrenchment will not come to my dad as he is going on 50 next year. My mum is great as ever :D I just ask for prayer for my dad's security in his job and also his desire to get a promotion as well as praying for the stock prices to rise.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Give Thanks

Following on what 3na wrote...

We should give thanks for answered prayers...

1 Thess 5:18 says that we should give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus...

That means we should not only give thanks for what we have, but also for what we don't have...for what God said 'yes' to, and what God said 'no' to...

so maybe next time our 'thank you' list might go somewhere along this lines:
Lord I thank you that I'm not rich enough to buy anything i want in the whole wide world, I thank you that you didn't give me the uni that i wanted, I thank you that mummy didn't buy the guitar that I wanted so very long ago...

or at least that's how my thank you prayer would sound like =p He knows what's best for me....

-Li Yenn-

Thursday, November 6, 2008

God's 3 answers to prayer

A little something from Dr. Charles Stanley..
God's Three Answers to Prayer
Matthew 7:7-11

Too often, believers view almighty God as a great cosmic Santa Claus in the sky: we think of our prayers not as petitions, but as demands. Then, if God does not grant our request, we're thrown into a faith crisis, believing He no longer answers us. The real problem, however, is that we misunderstand the Lord's three answers to prayer:

Yes. We love this response! There's nothing more exhilarating or faith-inspiring than watching the Lord move mountains in order to provide what we once saw as impossible.

No. Here is where the problems begin for us. But we must accept the fact that God says "no" to some of our requests. This is certainly not because He's greedy or uncaring--on the contrary, He is generous, loving, and concerned about His children.

Matthew 7:11 does not say God will give "everything to those who ask Him," does it? No, it says that the heavenly Father will give what is good to those who ask. Quite often, giving "what is good" means that He doesn't agree to things He knows are wrong for us.

Wait. This answer can be even harder than a flat-out "no." Yet some things that are good and right and godly may still be wrong for us today. Remember, God is eternal; He sees all time at the same time. If He regards tomorrow's blessing as a curse today, He'll withhold it for a season until we're ready to receive it.

Friend, do not be misled if God's response is not what you expected--or wanted--to hear. Instead, praise the Lord for answering our requests the way He knows they should be answered!

- tri -

Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayer for our neighbours

Islam is the fastest growing religion and is the 2nd largest religion in the world! Every 4 humans is one muslim. Muslims have increased by over 235% in the last 50 years and up to nearly 1.6 billion. By comparison, Christians have increased by only 47%, hinduism 117% and Buddhism by 63%.

Do you know, that there are over 15 million Muslims in Malaysia alone. God's desire is for all to be saved and none to perish.

Jesus said, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom fheaven; whatever yu bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." (Matt 16:19)

Tonight all 101 GT cells (along with other churches around the world) will be praying along together that Our neighbors will come to know the truth and the truth will set them free.

Lets pray that:
  • God will place in our hearts, genuine love, care and concern for our Muslim friends.
  • Opportuinity for the Church to be bold and courageous in sharing the gospel, that fear would not be their hindrace.
  • As we reach out, the Holy Spirit will give wisdom on how to share Jesus without offending them.
  • That the Muslims in Malaysia wouldhave divine revelation through dreams and visions of Jesus Christ.
  • For those who have converted to freely share their new found faith!
For all online readers and fellow friends overseas, lets pray in unison that God will do something spactacular and amazing during this Hari Raya Celebrations this coming week!

In His Majesty's service,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Desert Song

I feel so tired sometimes of serving.. like right after each dance I choreograph, I barely get a few weeks rest before starting on the next dance. My brain feels tired of envisioning, my body feels tired from moving, my spirit feels tired from being emptied. A friend reminded me today that it's normal to feel this way in ministry. But that doesn't help my weariness.

My spirit's been feeling tired often these days. I think it comes with neglecting my quiet time *rueful* I am spending some time now refocusing, worshipping, and just letting His spirit fill me once again. Just feel like I'm walking a desert and I need that refreshing water that is God. I need to drink from His 'water bottle' as my pastor here says :)

This is my prayer in the desert..When all that's within me feels dry..I will bring praise, I will bring praise..

In every season of our lives, whether it's the desert, the fire, the battle, or the harvest, God is still God. He never changes, He is that consistent. And I will always have a reason to praise Him.

I know I'm getting my heart attitude right - it's my honour and joy to serve in the way I am called to serve. And though I get tired sometimes, hey, I'm only human :) All the more reason why I need to seek Him, so that I'll always remember that I do these things only by His strength and not my own... because on my own I get TIREDDDD.... hahah...I will just be drained!

I know I'm filled to be emptied again, the seed I've received I will sow..

Love and hugs